Monday, August 16, 2010

New rack attachment system!

We recently partially re-designed the way our City Panniers attach to your rack. We still are going to use the rubberized hook and cinch-down, parachute cord system to hook the bags onto the bottom of a rack. But we wanted to improve on the velcro straps that secure the bags to the top of the rack.

After some thought and input from our super-amazing customers*, we landed on a webbing/quick-release buckle system that is top mounted on the bags, rather than bottom mounted. This allows for easier on/off when the bags are full. You no longer have to reach under the rack to attach them.

To mount the bags, simply find the correct adjustment for you rack, then snap the quick release buckles shut. We find that this system also holds the bags on the rack more securely. There is also a lot of room to play around and find the perfect strap placement, depending on the type of rack you have.

back of rack

front of rack
side release buckles

* We want to extend the opportunity to existing Laplander customers to have their bags upgraded to this system if they choose. We are working out the details of how we can do this and will be contacting our customers by email. Thanks to everyone for all your support and love!!