Monday, October 10, 2011

New bags and updates

I've been neglecting this blog for a while but lots have been going on in Philadelphia's Lapland.

Our biggest news 'literally' is our new workshop!
Laplander was moved out of our home and into a big beautiful space in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood.
I recently fixed up a old industrial Singer from the 1930's to use for lighter fabric. After lots of cleaning and oiling, refinishing the table, swapping out the motor and gutting the old lamp we have a great machine.

Lately we have been getting some great feedback from some of our customers who have also been sending some great photo's!

Like this one of our Pro Mechanics Apron being employed on Market street in SF by Huckleberry Bicycles.

And this one of one of our Porteur Packs looking at home on a pass in Washington.

These are some our Vegan City panniers in Ontario.

As a result of customer feedback we have added a new feature to our City Panniers, a U-lock holster!
This works for both our preferred pocket locks and larger locks as well. We are also doing some tweaks to our Porteur Pack to make it a bit more weather resistant.
We are also getting much closer to releasing a front bag to be used on small rando front racks like the nitto M12. I was putting my prototype bag though its paces until that bike had to make its yearly transition into my cyclocross pit bike.
And speaking of cyclocross, a race bag is also on the short list of projects for this season. We have some great ideas for a nice big bag to help keep organized for those weekends when you pack more for an hour of racing then a two week vacation.

Thanks and keep your photos and feedback coming.
Have a good one,