Saturday, February 11, 2012

Riding Through Winter

Winter is still a great time to ride, it takes longer to get ready, toes and fingers might get cold but you get to see the landscape with no leaves which lets you spot things that would have other wise remain hidden . Here are a few pics from us and some of our customers!

Juliet and I went for a great ride ride as the snow fell.
Looks like a old quarry or maybe even mine entrance we had never seen before.
We took a few minutes to warm up in the shelter of this covered bridge.

Product testing, the much awaited redesigned Porteur Pack.

Before coming into work I snapped this on my cold rainy ride outside Philadelphia

Great pic from Adam in CA while on tour.

Margot riding deep in the Minnesota winter

Nice looking bike from Steven in SF

I say this a lot but we seriously love seeing pictures of people enjoying our bags. We put so much hard work and care into every bag, its great to see them out in the world.