Monday, January 3, 2011

Porteur Rack Bag

This is our latest Porteur rack bag. It is based around the idea of making a bag that increases the capacity of the rack, mounts securely to the rack as well as is easy to dismount, and quickly converts into a back pack.

This bag has been designed around the VeloOrange Porteur Rack. We can make a similar version of this bag for several widely available racks like, Cetma, Gamoh. All of the listed racks are available from our good friends at Bicycle Revolutions here in Philadelphia. We can also do custom sizes for your custom rack.
For right now we will be offering this bag as a made to order item. If you are interested in this bag please contact us and let us know what rack you have and its dimensions. We can also make a drop-in cooler for summer grocery trips when you don't want your ice cream to melt in 95 degree heat.
We will also be releasing a large duffel style bag soon that is also designed specifically for porteur racks. For more information and photos, please visit our website.
Thank you and Happy New Year.